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  • White light lamp
  • Prism refractometer
  • Black body radiation
  • Si, InGaAs photodetector
  • Thermoelectric Sensor
  • Photometer
  • Spectral Characterisation


Basic experiment

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How it works ...


PE-1200 Detection of Light

Each application needs a well suited photo detector to monitor the property of the used laser light as power, divergence, pulse shape, ...etc.

Since the laser are covering a manifold of different spectral lines, ranging from the UV to the IR, a specially selected detector with suited spectral response must be found for each spectral range. To obtain satisfactory results from the performed application other characteristics of the photo detector, like its sensitivity and time response therefore should also be taken into consideration. The ideal choice is a wavelength independent detector which is able to cover very low as well as high intensities with a very short response time, unfortunately this detector does not yet exist. Detection of light means converting photons into electrical signals that can be amplified and displayed. Within the scope of this experimental setup different photo detectors based on semi conduction and thermoelectric effects are investigated as these types are the most important ones used in industrial applications. For the characterisation of the spectral sensitivity a combination of a white light lamp and tuneable prism monochromator with a tuning range from 400 nm to 1500 nm is used. By means of a provided light chopper the time response of each detector can be measured. Especially for semiconductor photo detectors the influence of the outer electrical circuit on the response time and sensitivity will be determined. Beside photo detectors also other specimen having spectral characteristics like optical filters or mirrors can be investigated also within this setup. To compensate for the spectral power distribution of the light source an almost wavelength independent thermal detector is provided. For the measurement of absolute values an optional, calibrated power meter can be ordered.


PE-1200 Detection of Light



PE-1200 Detection of Light

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